Steve Gonzalez - Master Barber & Shop Owner


My passion for cutting hair began when I was young, just a student in high school. After developing the habit of giving myself haircuts, I knew I wanted to be a barber. My barber at the time, Gabriel Gonzalez, took me under his wing and began to give me the hands-on experience I needed to become a barber. At the same time, I enrolled in Barber College and by 2005, I was a full-fledged, licensed barber. I continued to move up the ladder in the barber world, working my way into one of the highest rated and upscale barbershops in Beverly Hills — The Art of Shaving. This is where I learned to combine my passion, innate talent, and acquired knowledge under the careful eye of the respected David Laureano Jr.

I opened my own shop in 2014 — Gentlemen’s Barbershop in Marina Del Rey. I offer an extensive list of barbering services including several men’s hair grooming techniques — basic haircuts, scissor trims, modern clipper cuts, fades and designs, beard trims, traditional hot towel straight razor shaves and so much more. I have clients from all over the world and from all walks of life. I provide a relaxing, comfortable environment which leaves my customers feeling satisfied and looking sharp every time.

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